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Surf Beach accommodation

Surf Accommodation in Cape Town

 Looking for accommodation for your surfing, wind surfing or Kite surfing holiday? Cape Town is renowned for its great surfing variety! Our coastline has both the Indian and the Atlantic oceans, which provide waves and wind for both beginners and professionals. If you are looking to join the surfing culture then come to Cape Town you will find it here.

Why accommodation for surfers?

  • Meet surfers from around the world
  • Get into the surfing culture
  • Get local advise on the area
  • Find the best surfing locations

What is surfing accommodation?

  • You live with other surfers
  • You live near to the ocean
  • Similar to a hostel or Backpacker environment. 

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Accommodation options along the Beach

 Name Website
Surf the Cape
Surf Hostel
Myoli Accommodation
The Beach Camp

Surf Beach Accommodation  Surf with a kite

Beach full of kites  Surfing on the beach