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Kitesurfing Lessons in Cape Town

Kite surfing has it the commercial market with a bang. Kite surfing is a combination of wave surfing, windsurfing and wake boarding. One could say it has taken the best aspects of all three activities and taken the sport to new levels. If you enjoy high speeds, crazy jumps, lots of hang time and the freedom of ocean then you need to give this extreme sport a try.

Kitesurfing in Cape Town and Langebaan

Cape Town has the ideal conditions for Kite surfing. The windy conditions in summer ‘The Cape Doctor’ might not be a favourite amongst some of the locals but if you coming to Cape Town as a kite surfer you pray for wind every time you get out of bed. Windsurfing has always been popular in Cape Town due to the ‘Cape doctor’ and many little lagoons around the Cape peninsular. These windy conditions seem to escalate over the ocean making it an ideal playground for Kite surfers. You also have the benefit of two different oceans, so depending on the wind directions, you can choose which ocean you would like to ride.

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Kite surfing hot spots

Dolphin Beach in Blouberg strand ( most popular )
Langebaan Lagoon
Fishhoek beach

Kite surfing lessons Cape Town

 It is highly recommended that you take at least three kite surfing lessons before you hit the water with your kite in the air. The first lessons is usually an intro to Kite boarding, the second lessons is all about the kite and learning to fly the kite on the beach. It usually involves body dragging and learning how to control the kite with a few jumps on the beach. The third lesson combines the two aspects including safety, board riding, kite boarding (on the ocean) and body drag. Lessons take around 3 hrs.. each and it includes your equipment and transport from Cape Town.

Kite Surfing Schools Cape Town

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Kite surfing lesson

  • Full Beginner course
  • Private Lesson
  • Freestyle Workshop
  • Wave riding Workshop
  • Equipment Rental

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Kitesurfing lessons Cape Town

  • 1-Day course
  • 2-Day course
  • 3-Day course
  • Private lessons
  • Equipment Rental

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