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No matter which way you look at it. Kitesurfing is a fantastic Sport that everyone should at least try once in there lifetime. Constantly kiting offers you just that. We have set up a three different courses suited to take you from not knowing anything about water sports to cruising along site the best in the sport.
Learning the fundamentals of the sport can be learned in one day. However we recommend the "Two Day Course”. Over the last 7 years in the industry we have learned that most are hooked onto the sport within the first day and will book for a further two days just to fine tune there riding skills and better themselves in the sport with the help of a instructor.
We highly recommend our Two Day Course for anyone wanting to get the best experience of kitesurfing. You´ll leave the beach wanting more. Check out the course layout below.
All your equipment is provided, however if you have your own gear and would like to use that. Please feel free to bring it.

Kite Surfing lessons

Kitesurfing Courses

Type of Course Description Hrs Cost
1-Day course Introduction
  • Landing and launching
  • Pre flight checks and set up
  • Site assessment and underpinning knowledge
  • Water safety and work
  • Body dragging
  • Prelaunch and go
  • Deep water self rescues and pack down
At the end of a one-day course you will know all about kitesurfing and how too do the basics safely. No doubt you will be eagerly be booking up you board start day 2 course!
5hrs R1000
2-Day course Price:
The two-day course
package will be
a follow on
from your one day

  • Water start theory
  • Getting the board on your feet.
  • Coming up and riding
  • Edging and riding upwind.
  • Getting on the board and moving
From here you will be at a stage where you will have learnt all the nuts and bolts of kitesurfing, it’s just a case of getting out there and practicing more, either on more lessons, hiring kit or getting set up with your own.
5hrs R2000
3-Day Course
The 3-Day Course will cover all the elements of the first two days
  • Instructor fine-tuning your riding skills
  • T-Shirt and Damage insurance
  • Fantastic course set up for furthering your skills
 Individual Lesson
  • This course is for those customers who want the one to one touch
  • For the person seeking to advance themselves in the sport quickly
  • This course can be booked day by day

Rental Equipment

We have a good selection of gear to choose from at Constantly Kiting. If you coming over and you don’t have your own gear, we can supply you with a board, kite and harness for the day.

Kite Surfing Enquipement for hire:

  1. Wetsuit. R50 for the day.
  2. Board R400 for the day.  
  3. Kite R800 for the day.
  4. Harness R300 for the day.
  5. Board, Kite and harness R1100 for the day.

Notes on the Kite Surfing rental:

  • All gear must be returned before 5 pm on the day of hire.
  • All damages are subject to a repair charge.
  • Payment before collection is required.

Supervision for those who cannot stay upwind or need some assistance is availble, or if your instructor does not think you are ready to practice alone. Supervision includes, Equipment and a instructor who will watch over you and watch out for your safety.
All unsupervised rentals are subject to terms and conditions as well as a deposit.
If you do not have an IKO or BKSA Kiteboarders Card then a short assessment may be given.


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