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Surf Travel in South Africa

Even though Cape Town offers everything a surfer’s heart desires, you have to know that South Africa as a whole has a beautiful and diverse coastline and it would be a shame not to go exploring. Between the two oceans you will find popular surfing hubs as well as miles of unexplored coastline and it is really your choice what you prefer. Here are some of the destinations.

West Coast

The coastline from Cape Town to Namibia is very much under the radar of international tourism. You will find empty beaches and reefs all along the way and most of them will be fairly uncrowded. The water is cold and you might have to brush up on your Afrikaans but if you enjoy the outdoors and a half a cow on the braai (BBQ) this might be the best trip of your life. The jewel of West Coast surf spots is Elands Bay, a left-hand point break that near perfection in south-easterly winds.


Jeffreys Bay or J-Bay is on many a surfer’s bucket list. The walls of Supertubes are pictured in many a surf magazine around the world and the town is growing fast mainly aided by the surfing industry. Many tour operators offer trips to J-Bay, but the crowds make it difficult to catch a wave at Supers. The good news is that Jeffreys Bay and surroundings offer so many great waves, so if you are not fixed on Supertubes this trip is still worth it. With the many factory shops and backpackers there is fun to be had on dry land as well.


Boardshorts, barrels and bunny chow. Durban is a surfing Mecca with beach breaks and reefs a plenty. Even if you are not into the look of Durbs’ cement beach front, the year-round warm water is definitely a plus. Durban also has shark nets, which are highly controversial but might make you feel a bit safer.

Surf Travel Companies

True Blue Travel

  • Wide range of surf destinations
  • Local company
  • Secret spots

Dawn Patrol

  • Based in East London
  • Surfing Accommodation
  • Trips to Transkei and South Coast


Dolphin Bay Surf Tours

  • Surf Accommodation in East London
  • Fully catered surf trips
  • Special offers for groups


Errant Surf Travel

  • J-Bay and Mossel Bay
  • For beginners and pros
  • Surf Camp and lessons


Nomad Surfers

  • Natal and Mozambique
  • Jeffreys Bay
  • Surf camps and guided Tours


Xoxxi Surfing Travel

  • Transkei and J-Bay
  • Local knowledge
  • Catering for all surfers


Zoco Boarrding Company

  • Western Cape, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal
  • Learn-to surf holidays
  • Surf Clinics