South African Flag


Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula provide some of the best Windsurfing in the world. Cape Town is situated at souther-western tip of South Africa, which is the reason for great Atlantic swells all over the coastline of the Mother City.  At the same time the Cape Peninsula stretches from Cape Town down to the famous Cape of Good Hope. Right between the False Bay and the Atlantic Ocean is one of the windiest Places in the world.

This combination enables sensational windsurfing conditions. From big wave rider and pure freestyler to the beginners; everyone has fun. A lot of international Windsurfers chose Cape Town as their winter training domicile.

Windsurfing Season

The windsurfing is best from November to March, which is basically summertime in the southern hemisphere. The waves get bigger in the winter and you can also get lucky with great windsurfing conditions beyond the regular season. 

Most of the big wave spots in this region are located at the Cape Peninsula but it can get very big up north as well. The conditions are very consistent with 5 and often more Bft. south-easterly winds. Whether you hardcore big wave, mid to small waves or freestyle is up to you and depending this you can choose your spot.  Find all the famous windsurfing spots in and around Cape Town and rent an adequate windsurfing car to transport your windsurfing gear.


The good thing about Cape Town is not just the perfect waves and the consistent Wind, it’s also this really laid-back atmosphere, great parties and a fairly low cost of living.

Cape Town is one of the best windsurfing locations in the world. Why don’t combine an internship with your passion?