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Windsurf Spots

Cape Peninsula:

Platboom Beach

Platboom Beach is located right in the middle of The Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve with crystal clear water and often pretty big waves. Nowhere else is windsurfing as exciting as  here at the “Cape of Storms”.
Platboom is not just popular because of it’s beauty. It also opens up great jumping and down the line wave riding quality, which depends on the sandbanks and the tide. There is only a little beach to excess the sea. Apart from that it is very rocky. Blessedly lee side spreads out a huge sandy bay where you can ditch, in case you break your mast.   

Scarborough Point

This Pointbreak breaks over a kelp-overgrown reef and needs a lot of swell to work -at least 9 – 10 ft (3 ½ meters).  Scarborough is a great BIG-wave down the line wave riding spot and often breaks over mast high and higher.  The rocks are very dangerous. Because of the surrounding mountains the wind tends to go off shore in the inner bay, which can get very tricky to reach the small beach.


The South-Easter comes cross-onshore, which provides great jumping opportunities. Unfortunately the waves break on a sandy bottom and tend to close out most of the time.  Whitsands is still an excellent spot, qualified for less experienced wave riders when the waves are mid to small.

Table Bay:

Milnerton Lighthouse

Located pretty deep in the inside of Table Bay Milnerton obtains smaller waves then Sunset. The wind is usually side offshore and the mostly small waves break very clean and slower than at Sunset Beach. It’s ideal for wave beginners.

Sunset Beach

Is the classical windsurf spot in Cape Town. The waves at the endlessly long Sunset Beach diversify according to the swell between Logo high and over mast high. The South-Easter blows offshore and produces a very steep wave face. The rides are fast, down the line and can be very long. Great for nice aerials!

Big Bay

This spot combines so many location-specific advantages as there is: Windsurf gear renting options, restaurants, parking, a big rigging area, toilets and lots of hot chicks. The wind is usually slightly onshore and produces good jumping conditions. Big Bay can get very crowded because of the big rocks, which limit the space on the water. If you sail Big Bay, you´re usually on 1 – 2 sail sizes bigger than at Sunset.


If it works, it’s epic! Haakgat located 5 km north of Big Bay on the M14. The wind comes perfectly side shore and the waves peel briliantly. this spot produces very long, clean and hollow waves, which qualify for BIG AIRS. On a decent day, try to jump to the moon. The shore break is brutal and breaks right on the beach. Watch out for the strong currents close to the beach! Haakgat works best on high tide and big swell (min. 10 ft.). The locals compare this spot with Hookipa. It’s a down the line wave sailing heaven!

West coast:


30 min out of town (up north on the R27) you’ll find a long beach called “Van Riebeeckstrand”. However, most of the windsurfers call this spot “Melkbos”, which is the name of the small village close by. This is probably the most popular spot in Table Bay. The wind blows exactly side shore und the spot offers really good and consistent wave riding and jumping conditions. In the majority of cases the wind starts in the late afternoon and gets really strong. The waves are at least 1 meter higher than at Sunset Beach and work the best at low tide.


If Table Bay requires the 3,7, Yzerfontein is the perfect alternative. At this long beach the waves tend to be higher than in Table Bay. It´s a long, slow and harmless wave - perfect for wave riding.  On a big day the point break awakes and produces an epic lefthander. You can get very lucky and the waves peel down the whole bay!



Langebaan - located 120 km north of Cape Town - is a beautiful huge lagoon. The warm water invites you for wind- and kitesurfing in board shorts. Beginners and freestylers love the glassy surface.


Elands Bay

This surf spot 3 hours north of Cape Town can provide epic big-wave-sailing-conditions. Elands Bay is best known as the little left-hand brother of Jeffery’s Bay by the surfers. Windsurfing doesn’t work too often up in E-Bay, but if it´s on, it´s the place to be. Elands needs very strong winds and a big swell (min 15ft.). The wave is powerful, hollow and fast. It’s quite a mission to cross the shore break at gusty winds.