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Frequently Asked Questions on Cape Town

Is Cape Intern really for free?

Cape Intern is a website with information and guidelines, which can help you, organise your own Internship, Volunteer work, Student Exchange or Language course in Cape Town. Our site is free of charge but it is for you to do the work in terms of organising your way to Cape Town. We try to keep our information up to date to help make your jobs easier when coming here. We hope it can benefit you. 

Internet in Cape Town?

Yes, we have internet in Cape Town. It is not as fast or advanced as many other countries in Europe but it works. You have different option when it comes to Internet facilities. 

  • Your accommodation might have Wireless Internet
  • We have Internet Cafes all over Cape Town
  • We have Hot spot areas which you can subscribe to if you are in the Hot Spot Area

Internet on your Lap Top?

If you would like to get your own Internet connection to your laptop, we recommend getting a 3G Modem from Vodacom. The modem also works in other countries. Once you have the modem you can buy a Sim Card (Cell Phone Card) and top it up with what we call data bundles, which you can buy from Vodacom. 

  • Modem Cost +/- R 1600 
  • Sim Card: +/- R10
  • Data Bundle Cost depends on how much bandwidth you download. Visit the Vodacom Website for more info.


 3G Modem which fits into laptop                      3G Modem with Cable and Sim card 

Tax Refund (VAT)

If you purchase goods in South Africa as a foreigner, you may claim the Value added Tax (VAT) back on those goods you purchased.
What you need to know:

  • VAT is at 14%
  • Keep your receipts or Invoices with item, price and shop details on it
  • Bring the items purchased with receipts or Invoice to the Tax Refund Office
  • You can only claim good that are not older than 90 days
  • Offices can be found at the
    • International Airport
    • V&A Waterfront
    • Cape Town tourism visitors Information Centre ( City Centre )
    • Canal walk shopping centre 

Malaria Free

The Cape Town and Western Cape Area is Malaria free. If you travel further north you will enter Malaria areas.
You can find more information from you local travel offices, hospitals or tour operators. 

Visa for Cape Town

The majority of foreign nationals* receive a tourist visa upon entry into South Africa, without needing to apply for it before hand.  The visa is issued at the airport, and in most cases is valid for 90 days, and can be extended by another 90 days. This visa allows you to travel inside of South Africa and also allows you to live here, but there are certain restrictions as well.

There is a lot of confusion around Visas at the moment. Home Affairs has changed some of their regulations recently. We will attempt to find out what the current status is with regards to Interns entering the country.

You can also contact the specialist at