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Internship & Volunteer South Africa

Cape Intern is a website designed around giving you the opportunity to organise your own internship in South Africa.  There are a number of ways to go about organising your internship. In South Africa, you have your traditional placement agents who will assist in organising your internship.  
Placement agents obviously need to charge a fee for their services, which usually include finding you a position at a company relevant to your field of work and finding you accommodation, which is in either a house they own or house they sublet to students. Please make sure you know if you are getting a single room to yourself or if you have to share a room with other students.  In order to make money some agent s supply rooms, which you end of sharing with other students. This is not fair over a long period as it might be good to have your own space.
Cape Intern would like assist you in organising your own internship. This means we are offering companies in South Africa, looking for Interns, the opportunity to post their Internship positions on our website. We would like to give you free access to this database of Internship positions, which you can approach directly in order to find the correct internship for your needs. Once you have secured your internship in South Africa our website will assist you further in terms of

Volunteering in South Africa

Volunteering in South Africa is becoming very popular amongst not only the youth but also the older generation. Some organisation/Agents are taking advantage of this popularity in terms of charging huge amounts of money to overseas volunteers in order for them to come and offer their services in South Africa. In South Africa, we need to make sure we understand the difference between a Volunteers and Donor.
Volunteers should be giving free access to NGO’s who are desperately looking for extra help.  This is what Cape Intern is looking to achieve, through offering a free opportunity for NGO to post their Volunteer positions on our website for possible volunteers to access.  We hope to be the linking chain between the NGO’s and the volunteers.

Language Schools Cape Town

As the world becomes more global, it is very important for people who would like to do business internationally to learn English. South Africa has 11 National Languages one of those being English. Many Languages schools have opened in South Africa especially in Cape Town offering a variety of packages to anybody looking to improve their English. The standard of teaching is extremely high and to add to the experience, languages schools offer extra activities in their packages. To find out more please feel free to visit our language school page on our website.

Student Exchange

We have two very famous universities that offering Exchange programs to overseas visitors. Cape Intern has visited both the Stellenbosch University and the University of Cape Town (UCT) in order to get the direct contacts details of the people in charge of coordinating the exchange programs. You can find these details on our Student Exchange page on our website.