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Medical Elective South Africa

If you are looking to do an Elective or internship in the medical field you should consider coming to Cape Town and joining our hospitals International student programs. You will gain valuable practical and theoretical experience in your field of work.

Elective for Medical Students

In South Africa,  an elective for medical students is where a student arranges to visit a hospital for a short period (3 - 6 months) of time to gain experience in a different medical context,  where they will work under supervision and be mentored by experienced doctors.  It is primarily a learning experience and they cannot work independently.  It is recommended that they register with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).  The HPCSA only registers foreign elective students who will be working at hospitals affiliated to universities in South Africa. Consequently, completing an elective at a rural hospital that is not affiliated to an SA university is not recognised by the HPCSA. The students must work through the universities directly and the university will submit their applications to the HPCSA.

Medical Internship and working In hospitals in South Africa

An Internship is a compulsory (statutory) requirement that recently qualified doctors who are registered with the HPCSA work in designated hospitals under medical supervision for two years.  They may work independently within this context in specified medical disciplines and for periods of time designated by the HPCSA.  They are employed by the institution and this option is generally only available to South Africans.  Foreign qualified doctors that have recently qualified and do not have the required medical experience to register with the HPCSA may be requested by the HPCSA to do their internship in order to qualify for full registration.  They either do this back in their country or in South Africa.  They have to obtain HPCSA approval and approval from the National Department of Health : Foreign Workforce Management Programme.  They are then allocated an internship position by the NDOH : FWMP.

Africa Heath Placements

Once you have completed your Internship,Africa Heath Placements assist Foreign Qualified Doctors from developed countries in finding suitable positions to work in underserved rural hospitals in South Africa.  In certain cases we do place specialists in Regional Hospitals that serve the rural population.  To register with us and to contact us you can log on to
Our Mission:  To enhance the healthcare delivery system in Africa through the recruitment, placement and retention of healthcare workers for facilities that serve the uninsured population (focusing on the most underserved communities), and to develop working relationships with relevant partners in order to facilitate the achievement of this goal.

Medical Internship Facebook Page South Africa

Tygerberg Hospital

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International Students Co-ordinator
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Groote Schuur Hospital

UCT Groote Schuur
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Clinical services at Groote Schuur Hospital

Don Wilson
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