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Guide Cape Town and safety rules

Some tips and guidelines on Cape Town and ways to avoid unhappy situations! These guidelines are not here to scare you but rather help reduce the risk of your experiencing crime while in Cape Town.

  • Avoid walking alone in the city after dark
  • Don’t get involved in conversations with street children as they are often involved in gangs, drugs and robbery (If you would like to help them do so through a recognized charity or children’s shelter)
  • When drawing money from ATM’s, avoid the street and try using ATM’s in shopping centres. Also do not, under any circumstances, accept assistance from strangers.
  • When going out, do not carry large amounts of cash. If you do then divide the money and stash it in various places on your person. Always keep some change in your wallet in case of emergency.
  • Never leave handbags unattended in clubs and put wallets in front pockets.
  • Do not hitch-hike
  • Do not leave anything lying in your car; something not valuable to you may be valuable to criminals.
  • Even if it means paying, park your car under street lights or in parking lots
  • Car guards do not always guaranty the safety of your vehicle
  • Keep your car doors locked while driving
  • Respect the townships and use tour operators when you wish to visit them.
  • Do not pick up strangers while driving your motor car

Emergency Service Contact numbers

  • Ambulance: 10177
  • Fire Brigade: 021 461 5555
  • Flying Squad: 10111
  • Mountain Rescue: 10111
  • Police: 021 467 8000
  • Police (Tourist Assistance Unit): 021 418 2852
  • Sea Rescue: 021 405 3500 

Other service:

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English to Xhosa and Afrikaans Translations







Good bye! Go well

Hamba kakuhle!

Totsiens! Gaan goed!

How are you?


Hoe gaan dit?

I´m well


Gaan goed dankie

Thank you!



Have a nice day!

Ubene mini emnandi!

Lekker dag vir jou!

What´s your name?

Ngubani igama lakho?

Wat is jou naam?

My name is …

Igama lam ngu…

My naam is….

Where do you come from?

Uvela phi?

Waar kom jy vandaan?

Come here!

Yiza apha!

Kom hier!

I´m lost!


Ek is velore

Where are you?

Uphi wena?

Waar is jy?

What´s the time?

Ngubani ixhesha lakho?

Wat is die tyd?