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How to Buy a Car

Buy a student car Cape Town South Africa

If you intend on staying longer than 3 months in Cape Town then it might be cheaper to buy a car and then resell it once you leave. If you hire a car for 6 months, you will be looking at paying around R15000.00 (R2500 x 6 months). You could buy a car for that amount!
Buying a car can be very risky especially if you are new in the country and have no real experience.

Tip and guidelines when buying a car

    * Download Guidelines to buying a second hand car!

Buy-Back option Cape Town

A Buy-Back option on a car is another way of owning a vehicle, where the seller guaranties to buy it back once you leave. You would buy the car for X amount and once you leave the selling guaranties he will buy the car back from you at Y amount. There are limited companies, which offer this service. Some companies also offer you the buy-back service on 4x4. This is another way of saving money if travelling through Africa.

Download Buy Back options and rates

Please make sure you use reputable companies when it comes to this service.
AA (South African Auto mobile Association)

Once you have found a car which you wish to buy you can take it to the AA for testing and they will write a full report on the car including the value of the car. The AA works on a first come first serve basis and you, the buyer, will have to cover the cost of the assessment. For prices please contact the AA.
 AA (SA Auto mobile Association)