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Student plane tickets

Student plane tickets national and International

There are some great benefits to being a student, one of which is to fly and travel around South Africa or overseas at reduced airfare prices. South Africa has become a very popular student destination and with a valid student card, you are able to fly at cheaper rates locally or anywhere in the world.

Flights for students coming to South Africa

If you are a student wanting to come to South Africa for travelling reasons, to do an Internship or Volunteer work you should check out the different student plane ticket centres operating in South Africa. You might find that they can organise you cheaper flights to South Africa.  What you will need is a valid student card and some time to contact the various cheap flight centres.

Student plane tickets in South Africa and travel packages

Students already in South Africa can make use of this great service to book entire travel packages including flights. Student plane ticket centres have developed into travel centres to give you the convenience of a one-stop organiser for all your travelling needs.  Student plane ticket centres will organise you great adventure packages ideally suited to the student market.

Student plane ticket Centres

Student plane ticket operators will be listed here soon!

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