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Breede River Rafting

Breede River rafting

The Breede River is just over an hour’s drive from Cape Town, which makes it an ideal location for many holidaymakers. The breeder river is runs for about 337km and passes through the Breede river valley, Hex River Mountains on route to Swellendam and ending it journey in the Indian Ocean. The River has becoming a popular river rafting destination with several tour companies setting up base in the area.

River Rafting tours

River rafting on the Breede is a great experience for anyone looking for a little adventure.  The tour operators organise everything from food to accommodation, Guides who look after you, boats and rafting equipment. Most of the day is spend floating down the river on an inflatable boat. Some companies use different type of boats depending on their preference. In the evenings, you relax around a campfire telling stories and enjoying the quiet of Africa.

Breede River Rafting