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Overland Tours & Adventures

Some of the best ways to see Southern Africa and the rest of Africa is to join an Overland Tour. Overlanding has become very popular amongst all age groups, with companies offering a variety of tours, from your camping low budget tours to your fully accommodated tours.

 Overland tourCape To Vic falls
An Overland Tours is all about an adventure through Africa.  It is a great way to meet new people from all over the world who share a common interest. Overlanding also gives you the opportunity to see a great variety of Africa’s animals, interesting places, different cultures and some of Africa´s famous National Parks. The mode of transports is most often a 20-30 seat truck or a fleet of 4x4 vehicles. You will have different options of accommodation, camping for those who would like to sleep a little closer to nature and accommodated tours, which usually consist of hotels, resorts, or safari lodges along the route.

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Popular Overland Tours to choose from:

Cape Town Victoria Falls Overland Tour

  • 20 Days 19 nights
  • Price: R 12 950
  • Local Payment: 295 USD
  • Places to see: Namibia - Botswana- Victoria Falls


  • 21 Days 20 nights
  • Price: R 6 320
  • Local Payment: 450 USD
  • Places to see: Namibia - Botswana- Victoria Falls

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South Africa Explorer

  • Duration: 20 Days 19 Nights
  • Price: R12 950
  • Local Payments: N/A
  • Places to See: Knysna - Durban - Kruger Park

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Kruger Park Big Five

  • Duration: 4 days - 3nights
  • Price: R4950
  • Budget Tour: R3950 (please enquire)
  • Places to See: Kruger National Park

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Book Overland Tours with Us

You can book your Overland Tours through Cape Intern and Out of Africa Adventures
Please send us your details including tours dates and where you would like to go.

Overland Tour Companies

The tour companies work with experience guides and have the knowledge to make sure your trip is an incredible adventure. They will provide the vehicles, guides, drivers, cooks and essential camping equipment. The Tour Companies and their guides will look after you in Africa. They will plan the route with a strict schedule, which is very important to understand, as you will be travelling as a group ‘New Family’ as guides like to call it. The group or ‘New family’ needs to work together on the tour, which means move as a team, be flexible,  be patient as Africa can be unpredictable , look after fellow passengers and most important bring the right attitude.

Overland tours Africa Elephants in Etosha

Dunes on an overland Tour Delta Botswana

Some tips for your tour!

  • When booking your tour make sure you find out what the local payment amount is. Tour companies advertise a price for the tour, which does not always include the local payment.In some cases, the ‘local payments’ are paid to the tour guide on the day of departure.
  • Tour companies should have a list of extra activities, which you can do along the route. The Overland Tour Company does not pay for these extra activities and it will help you plan your budget for the tour.  Extra activities can include sky diving, river rafting, extra game drives, quad biking, bungee jumping etc.
  • Bring a light sheet or something to put on your mattress (camping tour during cold season) which will help reduce the cold coming up from the ground.
  • Make sure you do not over pack for the tour as the vehicles have limited space. You will have opportunities to wash your cloths along the way.
  • Be realistic in your expectations in terms of what you book for and what you get. If you book the most affordable tour ‘budget’ do not expect 5 star holiday.

Victoria falls

Sunset on the overland tour