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Botswana – Home of African Wildlife

Botswana is one of Southern Africa’s premier wildlife destinations. The prolific wildlife of the Okavango Delta is world-famous. However Botswana has lesser known attractions such as the big cats of the arid Kalahari Desert. Botswana Safari

Okavango Delta

Landlocked Botswana is a country of contrasting habitats. The swamps of the Okavango deserts support a variety of rich wildlife. All the big game is here – Elephants, hippos, crocs, lions, leopards – you name it. The waters of the Delta also attract a myriad of birds. Avid birders can look out for 400 bird species as they listen for the cry of the African fish eagle.

The Okavango Delta offers game lodges of the highest standard as well as very basic camps. Whether you’re into pampering or you like to rough it and get close to nature – accommodation in the Delta caters to every preference.

The choice of activities in the Okavango Delta offers you many ways to experience Africa’s famous wildlife. Traditional game drives, walking safaris, mokoro tips (travelling the waters in a traditional dug-out canoe) and night drives all have their advantages depending on what animals and habitats you want to see.

The Kalahari

The semi-arid Kalahari Deserts covers a large amount of Botswana’s land in spills into Namibia and South Africa.  Even though the vast arid spaces of the Kalahari constitute a harsh contrast to the green swamps of the Okavango it still offers great game viewing. The Central Kalahari Game Reserve and the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park are well-known for their big cats and migratory herds of antelope.

The conditions in the Kalahari can be harsh, but those who have experienced the unique charm of the African bush are positively addicted and return repeatedly. The vast space and desolation has a fascination that needs to be experienced to be understood.

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park hosts some of the largest Elephant herds in the world. It is said that 150 000 elephants are roaming through Chobe National Park. The other attraction is the Zambezi river which makes up one of the Chobe National parks borders. This has become a fresh water source for the elephants and all other wildlife that is found in this fanatic park. There are many activities that you can find in Chobe, from Game drives to sunset cruises. You can find several Chobe Safari operators who offer a array of different tours.