South African Flag

Namibia – The Northern Neighbour

Spending time in South Africa? Looking to cross boarders for an African adventure? Namibia is your most accessible option. It has the wildlife, it has the landscapes and plenty of things to do and explore.

Getting there

Getting to Namibia is easy as pie. Namibia´s capital Windhoek connects to major South African cities by bus or plane. If you have a European or a US passport a visitor´s permit will be issued at the boarder.

Buses connect the major towns of Namibia. However renting a car will make things a lot easier and safe you time. If you find this too expensive find some likeminded people to share your adventure and the cost. Most of the main attractions don´t require 4x4 Hire or car hire namibia. If you are keen to do some real exploring, an off-road vehicle will be the key to some of Namibia´s unspoilt gems like the Skeleton Coast or the Kaokoveld.

What to do

If it is wildlife you are looking for, Etosha National Park is the obvious choice. It is 2WD accessible and hosts a wide array of various species. Elephants, rhinos, lions and hyenas stroll freely through the vast territory. If you are on a budget, stay in a town close to the park. You can travel in in the morning on one side and out on the other when the park closes. Backpackers in close-by towns like Tsumeb or Outjo also arrange safari tours if you don´t have a car.

Another favourite among travellers are the dunes of Sossusvlei. The dark shadows on the rust-coloured sand contrasting with an intense blue sky in the background make up a picture of such simple beauty. Try to get in the gates before sunrise to take the most dramatic photos.

Adrenaline junkies will get their stoke in the coastal town Swakopmund. Various tour organizers around here offer quadbiking, sanboarding, skydiving and much more. Your backpackers will gladly organize your adventure for you. Swakopmund is also a great place to meet other travellers as backpackers and overlanders pass through here daily.


If you are travelling independently you will have to do some research. A good place to start is Namibia Safari. This travel information site has useful tips and facts on sights and accommodation in Namibia. It covers the entire country and will give you a good idea of what your Namibian adventure might look like.