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Backpackers tours on Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba forms part of the great Zambezi River. With its source in Zambia, it flows through Angola and forms the border between Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe eventually ending its journey in Mozambique and the Indian Ocean.  The lake is by volume the largest manmade lake in the world and is home to many wild animals.

Lake Kariba houseboats tours

Houseboats are a very popular way of travelling along the great Lake. The Lake is so vast it can take several days to explore the many areas and parks. Game parks and nature reserves border the Lake giving you the ability to view many wild animals as they come to drink along the riverbanks in the early morning or late evening. If you are looking to relax and unwind in nature then a houseboat cruise on Lake Kariba is something you need to experience.

Houseboat tour details

  • Style of tour: Backpacker style
  • Accommodation: Camping on shore of the lake
  • Start of tour: Victoria Falls
  • End of tour: Lake Kariba
  • Length of tour: 5 days
  • Activities on the tour: Game viewing, bird viewing, fishing, camping, meet other travellers etc.
  • Price of tour: Please contact Kangamani tours
  • To find out more and book: Backpacker Safari Lake Kariba


Sunset Lake Kariba

Houseboat view

Lake Kariba Animals

Tiger fishing on Lake Kariba

Tiger fishing must be one of the most exciting fishing experiences that a person can have. The great Zambezi is home to many great fresh water fish the most famous being the Tiger Fish and Newbwe Bream. In terms of sport fishing, Tiger Fish are known to be one of the world’s greatest fighters when hooked and even when they have been landed.  It is said that Lake Kariba is home to slightly larger Tiger Fish than the Zambezi River but pound for pound, they give you the same fight.